Climbing paths - Rock climbing

Not anymore hiking but yet not climbing, climbing paths offers a bit of both.

Climbing paths are also called iron paths because one uses ladders and studs and secure oneself on a steel rope. Here merges the tranquility of mountain hiking with the intensive feeling of one"s body and components of the climbing sport into one entity.

In the classic form of rock climbing, one rejects the help of a steel rope and instead uses the natural structures of the rock. Under the competent assistance of a mountain guide you will be able to master this challenge without any problem.



Activity: Adventure park
Description: Optimally secured we overcome all forthcoming climbing difficulties. The thrill is programmed by those extreme exposed passages.
€ 40.- / Pers. Kinder: 36.-/Pers. (ab 12 Jahre)
April - Oktober
trittsicher und schwindelfrei
2,5 Stunden
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