Canyoning is more than a water sport. It is fun, adventure and nature, it is exciting, crazy and mysterious. It is something special. You swimm, jump, glide and rope down over impressive waterfalls. The water made its way which we follow. A way which no one will forget.

The tours are divided in different difficulty degrees, from C1 to C3. Requirement for paricipating is to be sure-footed in a trackless terrain and to have good swimming knowledges.



Activity: Canyoning 1
The parade tour for all beginners, a lot of jumps and glides in a breathtaking canyon landscape. Also appropriate for children over 8 years. Difficulty C2
€ 59.- nur für Gruppen von mind. 10 Pers.
Mai bis Oktober
Gehen im weglosen Gelände, schwimmen und springen bis zu 2 Metern
Komplette Leihausrüstung
ca. 2,5 bis 3 Std., inkl. Transferzeit 5 Std
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